new website. distortion guide.

Today we decided to create a website as part of our project. We call it The reason is, that this project is a school project, and with no guarantee that the app will return from Apple in time, we wanted to make sure we would have some kind of product to present in the end.

Another reason is, that we have to create some attention around the app. Therefore we want to give ‘nice to know’ content on away while marketing our app on the page. To get traffic into we have created a Facebook page to mobilize people and link to the website.

The concept of is to give the Distortion users knowledge of the musicians, toilet facilities, the wheather etc. througout the Distortion days.

We named the Facebook page it “Hvad sker der til Distortion?” (What happens at Distortion), where we want to link articles from onto the wall of the Facebook wall. At the same time we suggest people to tell about unofficial and official events of Distortion. In that way we can make an overview of fun parties at the festival.

Click on the box on the right to get to the Facebook page “Hvad sker der til Distortion?”


What do you think?

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