app store app.

If you do a search on “distortion” in Apple’s App Store, our app will appear in top of the search list. We named the app “Distortion Festival”.

The approval from Apple came last night and shortly after it was ready for download. At first in the bottom of the search list, but after a couple of App Store updates from Apple, it is now the top app – topping another app for Distortion Copenhagen: “Distortion 2012”. To get this top ranking we made several tags associating with Distortion, Copenhagen and the functions of the app. The tags are as follows: Distortion, festival, 2012, cph, cphdistortion, copenhagen, YLS, Your Local Studio, party, video.

Scan the code with your iPhone and download the Distortion Festival app for free

This is called SEO, search engine optimization, and we see it as an important step towards our ambition to becoming the most popular Distortion app this year. In this regard another important resource is our partnership with UrbanKBH. They will promote the app in their printed freebie paper on May 31st and at

The video function in the app is clearly a fun part, but the way it is developed, it also has a weakness. The intention is, that people upload videos from the events they’re at. But right now it’s possible to use the app to upload from all over the the world. Due to our time limit, we won’t be able to create a filter. The solution will be, that we manually delete the wrong videos from the server.

The app is here. Now the exciting part is, how it will work out there next week.


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