distortion day 2. network breakdown

Thursday may 31st

The second day at Distortion represented the beginning of the biggest issue for our app. The massive crowds on Nørrebro, Copenhagen made the cellular network collaps at some times. On several squares and events it was impossible for people to even send textmessages.

The 3G network was also completely overloaded. And it made it almost impossible for people to upload videos in our app. It simply took too long and people gave up.

But even with these problems, videos came in, especially from less crowded events. Like this one:

We did predict troubles with the network. And we designed the app so it is still very helpful, even without the upload function. People can still be directed to events and toilets, and they can still read about the events.

Hopefully, going forward, the networks in the big cities will be stronger and apps like ours will work no matter what.


What do you think?

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