sunday. the conclusion.

Sunday June 3rd – looking back on friday and saturday.

The network problems from thursday in Nørrebro continued friday on Vesterbro, and prevented people from uploading videos.

The main focus for our app was the street parties that took place wednesday, thursday and friday. But with the network problems on thursday and friday, we decided to focus more on saturday nights Final Party on Refshaleøen, hoping that the network would be better out there. We quickly gathered info, and coded all the stages and events from Final Party into the app.

It did not result in many videos. But a few good ones likes this:

At this time, we are around 3000 downloads of the app, and a total of 36 videos.

There is no doubt, that without the network problems, more videos would have been uploaded. It is a bummer, that so few people uploaded video from Refshaleøen Saturday night, because a lot of people were in the Inner City wondering what was really going on out there.

All in all, we are very greatfull that the network worked fairly good wednesday in Inner City. This day, our app really showed its potential and navigated the party people after their peer’s videos and captions of the atmosphere.

There is a lot of potential for returning with the app next year.


What do you think?

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