Discourse analysis

The discourse analysis is made to get an idea of the discourses in the press coverage of Distortion. The following is a concentrate of the objective and conclusion. The complete analysis is found in Danish here (LINK)

With the analysis we will scrutinise how Distortion is perceived, and in which ways this perception has changed over time.  To do so we have looked into a section of annual advance publicity for Distortion 2008-2011. That has given us an idea of target groups, stakeholders and potential conflicts within these groups.

Furthermore we have gone over the guide articles regarding last year’s Distortion. The purpose of this analysis is to identify the discourses in the usual new-you-can-use coverage of Distortion. That will help us determine our primary focus in our coverage of Distortion at UrbanKBH.dk.

Our primary target audience consists of people attending Distortion for the party. That is why we want to provide guidance to optimise this party both from their homes and on the street.

From our analysis we have identified a distinct identity-direction discourse as well a musical discourse. However, we believe we will aim better at our target audience by focusing on a practical party discourse, they can relate to. Our analysis shows that advice and recommendations regarding practical factors at Distortion such as food, toilets, weather, free stuff etc., is rarely mentioned. Therefore this is a great potential to win over readers at UrbanKBH.dk.

Furthermore there is potential in a originality-discourse, as most Distortion-participators might find the range of different events overwhelming. Thus it makes sense to focus on exceptional events in our guide articles, still with primary focus on the party.

Furthermore there is a great potential in our app. Both because it lets people share their party, and/or entice them to go to the parties they find most appealing in the video-player. Last but not least it helps them find their way to the nearest toilet.