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First wireframes of the app. A look into the app and the technical functions of it:

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We have gotten in contact with a small Copenhagen based firm called Your Local Studio runned by young guys designing and developing apps. They want to help us with no other payment, than getting their logo on the frontpage of the app and a promise of getting as much exposure and promotion as possible.

They are working hard to make sure the app will be done in the beginning of next week. This is necessary because it usually takes Apple 1-3 weeks to approve an app for the app store. And from what we have heard it’s not unusual that Apple spend a month before they press the green button and make the app available.

Due to this tight timeframe we have had to make some sacrifices in the project. The most significant one is that we had to give up on Bambuser and forget about live-broadcasting. This decision is solely made because the coding needed for a Bambuser powered app is too comprehensive. On top of that – after talks with Your Local Studio and Bambuser – it’s clear that we wouldn’t be able to have an integrated recording function in the app as Bambuser doesn’t support built-in broadcasting in other apps on the iOS. Therefore we have changed the concept so the videos are recorded in-app and then uploaded to a server, which we have control of. With this solution the user won’t have to register an account to start recording as they would have had to on Bambuser, just like they won’t have to launch the Bambuser app on side of our app in order to broadcast. The benefit of this is that we make people stay in our app and that they can get easily started with recording themselves, their friends and the party.

avoiding youtube conditions and terms.

One of the things we have discussed with the guys from Your Local Studio is the possibility to create our own platform for video upload. In that way we would be able to control every aspect of the app regardless of any terms of a service provider (like Youtube). Therefore we are going with an external server solution, that we have to pay for. Hopefully the cost in the end won’t be too high for us to handle.

We also thought of adding a Facebook sharing option for the app, but once again everything came down to one thing – time. We need to have the app in the app store before Distortion starts, everything else would be an incalculable loss for our project, and not be fair to all the people that have helped us with the project.