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the curb scenario.

Distortion 2009 - part deux

Photo: Nicolas Dalby

Imagine this: you’re at Distortion having fun hanging out with your friends on the curb. The party is going wild around you but you want to find out, if you’re really at the best bash. So you get your phone out.

This is what we call ‘the curb scenario’ at the distortionproject, and this is what all our work with the app revolves around.
We think it’s vital for our project, that the service and information we provide to the Distortion guests are exactly what they will need when they’re sitting on that curb.

That’s why we don’t provide news from Distortion and we don’t show any playlist from the venues. We solely focus on where the user is right now, and where the parties are around the user.

On top of that we are thinking about adding some features that can guide the party people from the curb to the nearest toilet or food stand. We believe that simplicity will make both the distortionproject and the party better.