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meeting with bambuser.

property of the awesome Bambuser dynasty®

Today we had a Skype session with the Swede Måns Adler, the founder of Bambuser, to try to get him and the company on board the project, helping us in programming the Bambuser integrated app.

He told us live from the Bambuser HQ in Malmö, Sweden, that he likes what we told him about the project. And even more important – he wants to help us.

As we expected Bambuser unfortunately doesn’t have an army of developers available. But he promised us to be helpful with technical support to the app developer we are searching for right now and eventually – hopefully – will be participating.


meeting with the distortion management.

We just had a meeting with a couple of guys in the Distortion management and it turns out they really like our project. We showed them the mockups and told them why we think a location based app with user made live broadcasts would turn Distortion into an even better party. And luckily they were convinced.

We discussed the official app that Distortion launched for the 2011 edition, which was considered hard to use and not really useful, according to feedback from the users. Because of the lack of success with last years app, the Distortion people had thought about not having an app at all this year. But if we can make the actual distortionproject as good as it sounds, we will be handed over the assignment of making the official Distortion app this year.

To make the official Distortion app would be beyond what we hoped starting this project and we really hope that the people at Bambuser will help us make this project possible. The next meeting with Bambuser will decide this.