Target audience

This is a concentrate of the objective and main points in our target group analysis. The complete version of the analysis is found in Danish here.

To concretise our target audience we systematically used an adapted version John Shiple’s Information Architecture Tutorial (found in Danish here)

Prioritized list of target audience
We did a brainstorm on the interested parties regarding Distortion. This is our prioritised list of whom we want to focus on as the target audience of our project. 1 being our primary audience and 5 being the most peripheral audience:

1. People participating in Distortion for the fun, first-timers or repeaters.

2. Participators in it for the music/specific events and people from abroad.

3. Organisers, performers, volunteers, sponsors etc.

4. Authorities such as the police, (local) politicians, neighbours, shop owners etc.

5. Marginalised people living in the areas where Distortion takes place.

In order to angle our project we have focused attention on the two first groups in the list.

Prioritised list of key content
On the basis of our prioritised target audience we did a brainstorm on what content components and service we want to provide. The prioritised list has 1 as our primary content and 3 as the less prioritised.

1. Guides and videos

2. Recommendations/advice, promotion of our app, practical info, band/event info

3. News, background articles

What we know about the audience
There is no academic knowledge concerning the typicl Distortion-guest. Because of its general concept we assume that it can be narrowed down to young people who like to socialise and party, and for whom the music and the urban space is appealing.
As to UrbanKBH’s target audience we know that the typical user is from Copenhagen, 20-35 years old and eager to be ‘in the know’ regarding urban trends.

To narrow this further down we have concretised the following two personas:

The ‘party animal’:
The party animal is a young party-loving person who is at Distortion for the fun and the social experience. Music is secondary to his interest and output of the event. Instead he is going with the flow, letting the party and his state of mind determine where he will be at.

The music geek:
The music geek is at Distortion for the music and the range of specific events. He is planning and prioritising his participation according to what is going on when and where.

We tried to set up a set of scenarios as to how our prioritised personas look for and share information during Distortion. We have done so in attempt to create an overview of when and how our content and service will come in handy.

The party animal:
Before leaving home the party animal will search for inspiration on Facebook. He will either look up the events, he can see his friends are attending, or he will find interesting events himself and try to get his friends to join him. Secondary he will visit guide sites on the Internet to get an idea of what will be happening during Distortion.

After having left his home, if the party is disappointing, the party animal will either:
– Call or text his friends to find out what they are doing
– Enter social medias such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram from his smartphone to see if any of his friends recently posted something from a specific place near him self
– Use a specific app, that can help him sort out what is going on around him
– Open a browser on his smartphone and enter some of the sites, he visited for inspiration at home
– If he is having fun, he will share his party via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube

The music geek
Before leaving home the music geek will schedule and prioritise his participation based on what is happening when and where.

After having left his home, if the event is disappointing, he will either:
– Go to another event he knew of beforehand
– Enter the sites he surfed for inspiration, from his smartphone
– Use a specific app to help him find an alternative event nearby
– If he likes the event, he will share it via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube

On the basis of the analysis above, we will equip the Distortion-visitors and optimise their party by means of site, Facebook and app.

Before leaving home the target audience can find inspiration on were we will run guide articles and practical information. They will either enter directly in their browser or via Facebook, were we will link and tip our community.

When partying in the streets, the audience can get a quick overview of what is going on around them by using our app. Additionally they can use it to share what they are up to, or get practical information about the events or nearest toilets.

When sitting in front of the computer the day after, the audience can see videos recorded in the app the day before on Facebook. Furthermore they can find new inspiration and advice for yet another day at Distortion.