sunday. the conclusion.

Sunday June 3rd – looking back on friday and saturday.

The network problems from thursday in Nørrebro continued friday on Vesterbro, and prevented people from uploading videos.

The main focus for our app was the street parties that took place wednesday, thursday and friday. But with the network problems on thursday and friday, we decided to focus more on saturday nights Final Party on Refshaleøen, hoping that the network would be better out there. We quickly gathered info, and coded all the stages and events from Final Party into the app.

It did not result in many videos. But a few good ones likes this:

At this time, we are around 3000 downloads of the app, and a total of 36 videos.

There is no doubt, that without the network problems, more videos would have been uploaded. It is a bummer, that so few people uploaded video from Refshaleøen Saturday night, because a lot of people were in the Inner City wondering what was really going on out there.

All in all, we are very greatfull that the network worked fairly good wednesday in Inner City. This day, our app really showed its potential and navigated the party people after their peer’s videos and captions of the atmosphere.

There is a lot of potential for returning with the app next year.


distortion day 2. network breakdown

Thursday may 31st

The second day at Distortion represented the beginning of the biggest issue for our app. The massive crowds on Nørrebro, Copenhagen made the cellular network collaps at some times. On several squares and events it was impossible for people to even send textmessages.

The 3G network was also completely overloaded. And it made it almost impossible for people to upload videos in our app. It simply took too long and people gave up.

But even with these problems, videos came in, especially from less crowded events. Like this one:

We did predict troubles with the network. And we designed the app so it is still very helpful, even without the upload function. People can still be directed to events and toilets, and they can still read about the events.

Hopefully, going forward, the networks in the big cities will be stronger and apps like ours will work no matter what.

distortion day 1. first test for the app.

Wednesday May 30th.

Time to see if the people of Distortion understand our project, and understand the meaning of your app.

We have done all we could to promote the app, and so far around 1000 people have downloaded it.

The upload count is a moderate succes. 15 videos were uploaded from all over Inner City Copenhagen.

Here is a representative example of what people uploaded:

It might not seem like a lot is going on in the video, but the atmosphere portrayed here is how it actually was for many people at this event. If you are standing in the other end of Inner City, and see this in the app, you will have a very good idea if you want to go to Pilestræde or not.

The mobile network did have a few problems, but did okay most of the day.

app store app.

If you do a search on “distortion” in Apple’s App Store, our app will appear in top of the search list. We named the app “Distortion Festival”.

The approval from Apple came last night and shortly after it was ready for download. At first in the bottom of the search list, but after a couple of App Store updates from Apple, it is now the top app – topping another app for Distortion Copenhagen: “Distortion 2012”. To get this top ranking we made several tags associating with Distortion, Copenhagen and the functions of the app. The tags are as follows: Distortion, festival, 2012, cph, cphdistortion, copenhagen, YLS, Your Local Studio, party, video.

Scan the code with your iPhone and download the Distortion Festival app for free

This is called SEO, search engine optimization, and we see it as an important step towards our ambition to becoming the most popular Distortion app this year. In this regard another important resource is our partnership with UrbanKBH. They will promote the app in their printed freebie paper on May 31st and at

The video function in the app is clearly a fun part, but the way it is developed, it also has a weakness. The intention is, that people upload videos from the events they’re at. But right now it’s possible to use the app to upload from all over the the world. Due to our time limit, we won’t be able to create a filter. The solution will be, that we manually delete the wrong videos from the server.

The app is here. Now the exciting part is, how it will work out there next week.

media partnership.

A page of the old Urban newspaper. The content is about Distortion 2011.

Today we held a meeting with Katrine Irminger Sonne, the editor of the Copenhagen culture site It is a part of the big Danish media company Berlingske Media, which had a freebie paper named Urban for 10 years, but had to close it last January. Now Berlingske is relaunching Urban as a webbased magazine with only 10 print releases annually.

Katrine Irminger Sonne will be in charge of the new Urban, which is launched on May 31, the second day of Distortion. A part of the launch will be editorial focus on Distortion. Therefore we pitched the idea about us making some guide content about Distortion, and getting exposure of our app on the new Urban site in return. Actually, the only thing we are doing is to move all the planned content from to their site.

The old Urban was a newspaper for young people in the big cities of Denmark. The webbased Urban is concentrating on Copenhagen only on the website Perfect for us.

new website. distortion guide.

Today we decided to create a website as part of our project. We call it The reason is, that this project is a school project, and with no guarantee that the app will return from Apple in time, we wanted to make sure we would have some kind of product to present in the end.

Another reason is, that we have to create some attention around the app. Therefore we want to give ‘nice to know’ content on away while marketing our app on the page. To get traffic into we have created a Facebook page to mobilize people and link to the website.

The concept of is to give the Distortion users knowledge of the musicians, toilet facilities, the wheather etc. througout the Distortion days.

We named the Facebook page it “Hvad sker der til Distortion?” (What happens at Distortion), where we want to link articles from onto the wall of the Facebook wall. At the same time we suggest people to tell about unofficial and official events of Distortion. In that way we can make an overview of fun parties at the festival.

Click on the box on the right to get to the Facebook page “Hvad sker der til Distortion?”

app done. waiting for apple.

This is the final app. There’s no screendumps of the camera mode, but it should be able to get an idea of what will come:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Your Local Studio just finished up the app and sent it to Apple for approval. Now we can only wait for it to arrive in the app store. Meanwhile we can upload the information about events and toilets and the location of those in the maps of the app.

On tuesday we had a talk with the Distortion management. It became clear, that they – without telling us, and without further explanation – have dumped us as the official app supplier.  Apparently the official Distortion sponsor, the dutch giant brewery Heineken are making an app similar to ours.

We have also even spotted a third app from a company called Shape. Challenges.

app developer found. bambuser off the project. app on its way.

First wireframes of the app. A look into the app and the technical functions of it:

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We have gotten in contact with a small Copenhagen based firm called Your Local Studio runned by young guys designing and developing apps. They want to help us with no other payment, than getting their logo on the frontpage of the app and a promise of getting as much exposure and promotion as possible.

They are working hard to make sure the app will be done in the beginning of next week. This is necessary because it usually takes Apple 1-3 weeks to approve an app for the app store. And from what we have heard it’s not unusual that Apple spend a month before they press the green button and make the app available.

Due to this tight timeframe we have had to make some sacrifices in the project. The most significant one is that we had to give up on Bambuser and forget about live-broadcasting. This decision is solely made because the coding needed for a Bambuser powered app is too comprehensive. On top of that – after talks with Your Local Studio and Bambuser – it’s clear that we wouldn’t be able to have an integrated recording function in the app as Bambuser doesn’t support built-in broadcasting in other apps on the iOS. Therefore we have changed the concept so the videos are recorded in-app and then uploaded to a server, which we have control of. With this solution the user won’t have to register an account to start recording as they would have had to on Bambuser, just like they won’t have to launch the Bambuser app on side of our app in order to broadcast. The benefit of this is that we make people stay in our app and that they can get easily started with recording themselves, their friends and the party.

avoiding youtube conditions and terms.

One of the things we have discussed with the guys from Your Local Studio is the possibility to create our own platform for video upload. In that way we would be able to control every aspect of the app regardless of any terms of a service provider (like Youtube). Therefore we are going with an external server solution, that we have to pay for. Hopefully the cost in the end won’t be too high for us to handle.

We also thought of adding a Facebook sharing option for the app, but once again everything came down to one thing – time. We need to have the app in the app store before Distortion starts, everything else would be an incalculable loss for our project, and not be fair to all the people that have helped us with the project.

meeting with bambuser.

property of the awesome Bambuser dynasty®

Today we had a Skype session with the Swede Måns Adler, the founder of Bambuser, to try to get him and the company on board the project, helping us in programming the Bambuser integrated app.

He told us live from the Bambuser HQ in Malmö, Sweden, that he likes what we told him about the project. And even more important – he wants to help us.

As we expected Bambuser unfortunately doesn’t have an army of developers available. But he promised us to be helpful with technical support to the app developer we are searching for right now and eventually – hopefully – will be participating.

the curb scenario.

Distortion 2009 - part deux

Photo: Nicolas Dalby

Imagine this: you’re at Distortion having fun hanging out with your friends on the curb. The party is going wild around you but you want to find out, if you’re really at the best bash. So you get your phone out.

This is what we call ‘the curb scenario’ at the distortionproject, and this is what all our work with the app revolves around.
We think it’s vital for our project, that the service and information we provide to the Distortion guests are exactly what they will need when they’re sitting on that curb.

That’s why we don’t provide news from Distortion and we don’t show any playlist from the venues. We solely focus on where the user is right now, and where the parties are around the user.

On top of that we are thinking about adding some features that can guide the party people from the curb to the nearest toilet or food stand. We believe that simplicity will make both the distortionproject and the party better.